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eMark solutions is a professional web development firm with headquarters in Brisbane. We specialise in eCommerce and eProcurement and eCommerce solutions for IT Resellers.

The difference between eMark and other Reseller software providers is that we provide completely customisable solutions. Our web designers will develop you a unique online store and modify our CRM, quoting tool and helpdesk to accommodate your way of doing business. Read more here on what makes eMark unique.

Expand your sales opportunities and empower your customers by establishing a Web Shop. By providing online access to your product range you can increase your revenue stream, reduce your administrative overhead and expand from your local to national market.
Reseller Lite is a web based eCommerce application that allows Resellers to provide a tangible value add to their business. By integrating with Australia's largest IT distributors Reseller Lite allows your customers to perform tasks such as Order Placement, Tracking, Product Pricing, Availability Enquiries, Account Enquiries, Account Payments and many more using a standard browser.
Reseller Pro opens the possibilities to expand your market. It makes it easier both to find new trading partners and to meet the changing needs of existing partners. It enables you to exchange information faster by electronic means.
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